Healthy Living Webinars

Healthy Living Webinars at InvisionHealth

Healthy Living Webinars at InvisionHealth

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Jessica Bennett's
Healthy Holiday's Webinar
Friday, November 19th (The Friday before Thanksgiving)

Jessica Bennett, MS, RD, CDN, IFNCP is a Registered Dietitian at InvisionHealth. Join Jessica online for tips on making holiday dinners, including Thanksgiving, healthier! Healthy Webinars is an online series hosted by Jessica that discusses health issues, nutrition and diet tips for optimal health and wellness. 

Join us *online for:

  • Bringing balance to holiday meals while still including all the favorites
  • Recipes
  • Maintaining mindfulness
  • How to enjoy without letting it derail health goals
  • Often overlooked food safety tips

 *We will email you a link for webinar access 24 hours before the event.