Assisted Stretching

Stretch Session

Assisted STRETCH Sessions 

A complete stretching routine is crucial to maintain our proper muscle, joint, bone, and fascial tissues health. Just as we take care of our body by eating balanced and proper hydration, an effective exercise routine accompanied along with stretching habits can help you to increase your quality of life and aid you to live longer and healthier.
Stretching is something that we know we should do, but we don’t practice often. Just as exercising, eating balanced, and keeping proper hydration are part of a routine to preserve or enhance our quality of life, stretching should also become an important part of keeping our musculoskeletal system on point as well as helping us to achieve a good quality of life, plus achieving longevity.

Why is Assisted Stretching Important?

Assisted Stretching is the most effective way to treat and solve the many muscle-skeletal imbalances that can happen throughout our lives. Sprains, fractures, strains, and many other physical injuries can happen anytime, in any of our important joints or muscles or bones, but the efficacy of recovery completely from them depends in a great manner on active recovery.

Assisted Stretching can be the way to reach several parts of your body that you would not be able to reach with unassisted stretching. The key importance of Assisted Stretching is based on the accompaniment of a skilled and professional practitioner that will aid you to reach your personally targeted trouble areas, making sure you can reach the level of pain relief, muscle and joint health, and flexibility your body needs.

One-on-one assisted stretching will be oriented to your muscle-skeletal improvement by offering you a personalized set of techniques aimed to treat directly past and mistreated injuries, joint and muscle tightness, aches, pain, or distortion of the movement as a consequence of them, among many other physical conditions that decrease your quality of life.

This session is a deep and extensive full body stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups and extremities. It's great for improving your range of motion and flexibility, while also loosening tight muscles and easing stiff joints.
This session concentrates on either the upper body or the lower body to alleviate tightness. It includes a 30-minute massage to warm up soft tissue, and one-on-one assisted stretching. This session benefits both your physical well-being and your mental health
  • Eases muscle tightness
  • Decreases pain levels
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves range of motion
  • Improves short-term & long-term flexibility