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Spring Break is right around the corner...dare to be smooth and hair free!
It's time to try LASER HAIR REMOVAL at Spa400. Winter is the PERFECT time to do Laser Hair Removal. CALL TO SCHEDULE YOUR CONSULTATION TODAY! 716-631-1516.

PHOTO FACIAL $125 (Save $25) - Improve the appearance of Rosacea, flushing and sun-damaged skin, age spots and skin texture. Photo facials also improve the appearance a mild acne scars, corrects dark circles around the eyes and reduces fine lines. Additionally, this exhilarating treatment involves little to no “down time”. SEE BEAUTIFUL CHANGES IN YOUR COMPLEXION!

NECK CONTOURING & TIGHTENING TREATMENT $80 - Get back the neck you knew. This is an innovative tightening and contouring treatment, which can be performed on the face, neck and other body parts. This treatment focuses on the neck and jawline to stimulate the production of healthy elastin and collagen which helps improve the texture of skin and increases circulation to tighten areas of loose skin. The tightening and contouring effect from this treatment is both dramatic and long lasting without any downtime. ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF MORE YOUTHFUL-LOOKING SKIN!

THERAPEUTIC BACK TREATMENT $60 (Save $10) - The ideal treatment for relief of chronic neck and back pain. An exfoliating scrub is applied to the back to stimulate circulation. Then, warm European rose mud is applied and allowed to penetrate the skin to encourage the release of toxins. Steaming hot towels prepare the back for a deep tissue massage with trigger point therapy. Your back will feel nourished and tension free!

TARGETED MASSAGE FOR MIGRAINES $65 - Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain? LET US HELP! Research shows that even a short massage session of 30 minutes can reduce pain and symptoms from headaches. Why not try ONE HOUR?! Invest in your health and give massage therapy a try. This one-hour session focuses on the muscles of the head, neck, and upper back areas that can trigger headaches.


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