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Pre-order your HOLIDAY SPA PACKAGE TODAY! Order by December 12th. Pick-up in Spa by Saturday, December 19th. Call 631-1516 questions

Relax Me Holiday Spa Package

$80 ‘Relax Me’ Holiday Spa Package with One Hour Massage

Relax Me Spa Package Includes: One Hour Therapeutic Massage, Seeking Balance Spa Aromatherapy Candle, Zen Garden Organic Body Butter.

Pamper Me Holiday Spa Package

$120 ‘Pamper Me’ Holiday Spa Package with One Hour Organic Facial

*Pamper Me Holiday Spa Package Includes: One Hour Organic Facial, Self Care Home Spa Kit w/ Lip Balm, Gelly Mask, Skin Recovery Serum.
*Products are perfect for all skin types including sensitive and promote hydration, resurfacing and recovery.

Choose Wellness

Acupuncture Session & One Hour Reflexology Session $135

Prioritize yourself and your well-being!
Wellness is not a one-time thing. Incorporate wellness into your routine with these 2 amazing modalities! Reduce stress and promote over-all physical and mental well-being. Never tried Reflexology or Acupuncture? Now is your chance to give both a try!

Choose Massage Therapy

$55 One Hour Therapeutic Massage

Relax and enjoy a full-body massage using light to medium pressure, or specify an area that needs some extra attention. Enjoy the benefits of relaxation, improved circulation and the release of everyday stress to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.