With age, clients often notice skin blemishes and fine lines appearing on the face and the backs of their hands. These sun-induced aging features can be treated with a chemical peel, specifically designed to rejuvenate the skin in these areas.

What is a *GLYCOLIC Chemical Peel?
Glycolic acid is an all natural alpha-hydroxy-acid derived from sugar cane. Once inside the skin’s cell, it serves as a catalyst for the formation of new collagen. These peels will visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, balance skin tone, improve texture and it’s great for clearing acne prone skin.
** Notice to all patients considering a Glycolic Treatment or a SilkPeel Dermalinfusion Treatment. Accutane should be discontinued for at least 1 year before administering a Glycolic Treatment or a SilkPeel Dermalinfusion and then only with a physician’s approval.
** Introductory offer valid for first time customers, or for those that have not had a SilkPeel or Glycolic treatment in 6 months or longer.

Introductory Glycolic Peel $85


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Botox is the only FDA-approved treatment for reversing the affects of facial wrinkles. Crows feet, worry lines and laugh lines are referred to as dynamic wrinkle lines and are all treatable with this procedure. Tiny injections are appropriately placed into the facial muscles that will soften these facial lines which make us look tired, worried, old, without taking away our character lines. Within days there is a noticeable improvement. There is no recovery or down-time.

Prior to Botox Cosmetic injections, we will evaluate your medical history in order to better understand your overall health. In addition, a complete examination is made in order to decide the most effective injection sites. Individual results may vary.