August Spa Specials


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Let us inspire you with our August spa promotions. Whether its to escape the heat, or unwind from all of summer’s festivities, our spa specials are sure to bring you to a place where escape becomes a 5 letter word…RELAX! : )

2 One Hour Massages $100

Let’s keep it real: Much of the research on massage therapy is preliminary. But, many findings show that even just a 15-minute treatment can be a boon to your well-being, and whether you’re a deep tissue kind of girl or guy, or Swedish is more your style, you can reap serious blissed-out benefits. Now, weekly massages might get a little pricey, but monthly? You could probably swing a massage every 2-4 weeks with this massage promotion! Go ahead, give it a try. Relax and enjoy the many benefits massage has to offer.

$150 Signature Massage & Signature Facial (savings $15)

There comes a point during a massage or facial where you’re lulled into a blissful state of relaxation that you naturally doze off for a few minutes – but, you’re still reaping all the glorious anti-aging and massage benefits! Maximize these benefits with this combo offer of our Signature Massage and Signature Facial. Balance your mind, body, skin & spirit.

$65 Reflexology Session

This is just the thing that will help YOU relax and re-charge.
It’s not just a foot rub! Reflexology practitioners focus on the reflex zones and points in the foot that correspond with the entire body promoting health and wellness. Schedule your appointment with Lynn Gray, our Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist.

$30 Bikini Wax

Get ready for the beach or pool with a bikini wax. While your at our spa, ask for a FREE Laser Hair Removal Consultation, or book a package of 3 sessions for $200.


Summer is near…and we have deals for you!
Laser Hair Removal Specials – dare to be smooth and hair free!
Treatments are effective for men & women, and are customized according to hair color, texture and location.
Medium Laser Hair Removal Package Available!

Benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Precision – lasers can selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Fast, effective treatment time.
  • Virtually pain free.
  • No ingrown hairs.

Medium Area: 3 Treatments for $200 (ex: underarms, extended bikini line, men’s shoulders)


$100 Spa Gift Card

$200 Spa Gift Card