October Spa Specials


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Autumn: the season of change. While we often welcome and enjoy the beauty of fall, it is the ideal time to start getting your skin and body winter ready! It’s also a perfect time to melt away tension with a relaxing massage, reflexology session or repair your skin from all that fun in the sun with a facial.

Our spa services include: facials for all skin types and conditions, massage therapy, reflexology, silkpeel dermalinfusion, face + body contouring/tightening, laser treatments, and so much more!¬†Schedule out some ‘Me Time’, and discover a delightful spa treatment that most appeals to you!


Why get a Deep Tissue Massage?
Deep Tissue Massage gradually relaxes, lengthens and removes adhesions in your muscles. Effectively removing pain and restoring your full range of mobility in a relaxing way.


Spider Vein Treatment - Feel confident, treat now!

Small | Medium | Large Area Packages Available! Includes: FREE CONSULTATION & 2 SESSIONS.

Success requires planning and a big part of that planning means taking advantage of windows of opportunity. Fall and winter are the BEST times of the year to treat spider veins! Beginning treatment in the fall or winter prepares your legs for summer – for when you want to wear shorts again, or spend time at the park or beach feeling confident, and not worrying about how your legs look and feel.

Small Area: 2 Sessions for $100

Medium Area: 2 Sessions for $150

Large Area: 2 Sessions for $200

Probiotic Facial - Amp up your skin's natural defenses!

$80 PROBIOTIC Organic Facial

What you apply on your skin gets absorbed in your bloodstream. Many skin products are irritating and even toxic. Try organic and feel the difference! This is an amazing facial, great for all skin types – especially helpful for those with chronic inflammation, acne, rosacea, eczema and sensitive skin.

$120 Skin Rejuvenation Photo Facial (reg. $150)

Repair the damage from summer sun with an IPL Photofacial Treatment. This treatment will lessen hyperpigmentation, reduce sun spots and acne scarring. It’sfast. It’s a customer FAV and there’s ZERO down-time!

Venus Freeze - Body contouring and tightening

$80 Venus Freeze Neck Treatment

Venus Freeze is an innovative tightening and contouring treatment, which can be performed on the face, neck and other body parts. This treatment focuses on the neck and jawline to stimulate the production of healthy elastin and collagen which helps improve the texture of skin and increases circulation to tighten areas of loose skin. The tightening and contouring effect from this treatment is both dramatic and long lasting without any downtime.

Reflexology - experience positive changes to your whole body!

$65 Reflexology Session

This is just the thing that will help YOU relax and re-charge.
It’s not just a foot rub! Reflexology practitioners focus on the reflex zones and points in the foot that correspond with the entire body promoting health and wellness. Schedule your appointment with Lynn Gray, our Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist.


$100 Spa Gift Card

$200 Spa Gift Card