Reflexology: Why is it so effective?


The most used and neglected part of the body is our feet. They are always in motion and over time can cause us to experience pain and discomfort.

Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic therapy based on the principle that there are reflexes on the feet, hands, and even ears that correspond to every gland, organ and part of the body. There are approximately 7,200 nerve endings in the bottom of each foot. These reflex points are stimulated with specific hand and finger pressure techniques.

Reflexology creates a relaxation response, relieves tension, and improves the nerve and blood supply in the corresponding parts of the body helping to promote their natural function. Adding Reflexology sessions to your personal health and wellness plan will advance your efforts to live a healthier and less stressed lifestyle. Now let's dive a little deeper into what reflexology is and how it may help you.


Reflexology is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points on your feet. A reflexologist’s application of pressure to the feet sends a calming message from peripheral nerves to the central nervous system, which then signals the body to adjust its level of tension. Reflexology eases stress, and that helps your body work better.

Reflexology is complementary to other medical treatments. It can be done alongside traditional care but note, it is not an alternative to it.

Foot Reflexology Map


Reflexology may help you feel less stressed, more relaxed, and more energized. But the benefits may go deeper if you have certain health issues.

  • Encourages Relaxation - Reflexology promotes relaxation, inducing a state of peace and tranquility within the body and mind. This physiological change results in the reduction of stress.
  • Improves Sleep Pattern - Stress reduction through reflexology therapy is frequently associated with relieving sleep disorders. This is accomplished by helping your body return to a more relaxed and balanced state, simultaneously working to restore a healthy 'sleep-wake' cycle.
  • Promotes Nervous System Stimulation - Reflexology opens neural pathways and benefits our central nervous system in a variety of ways allowing the brain to be able to handle inputs faster and more efficiently.
  • Relieves Migraines and Headaches - Reflexology can reduce the severity of migraines and headaches due to stress by increasing blood flow and relieving muscle tension.
  • Improves Circulation - Probably the most well known and verified results of reflexology is an improvement in circulation throughout the entire body, which means blood and oxygen are being cycled throughout the body more effectively. Due to this benefit, oxygen reaches vital organ systems, optimizing their function and increasing the metabolism.
  • Increases Energy Levels - Reflexology sessions can help to re-energize your body and mind.
  • Relieves Plantar Pain (pain on the bottom of your foot, around your heel and arch) - Reflexology uses pressure point techniques to release tension and help ease plantar pain and discomfort .
  • Arthritis in Feet - Reflexology is a gentle process that can also help reduce the pain, along with the swelling and discomfort associated with arthritis.
  • Reflexology in Children & Babies - Babies and children respond quickly to reflexology. The younger the person, the more easily their energy can flow. Because proper balance is easily restored in youngsters, energy medicine such as pediatric Reflexology and Acupuncture help keep small problems from becoming big. Reflexology is very effective and offers a quick response for Allergies, Asthma, Bed Wetting and more...


For those new to reflexology, and depending on your health/wellness goals, weekly sessions are a good start, after which monthly visits should be sufficient for overall improved well-being.


At Spa400, we offer 30- & 60-minute sessions depending on the client's health. A Pediatric session takes about 30 minutes. Click here to learn more about our Reflexology services.

Benefits of Reflexology


Reflexology helps mainly by releasing tension and reducing stress levels. It prevents the stress and tension from accumulating in your body and blocking the natural energy flow. High levels of stress are known to cause many health problems, and your body naturally finds a way to cope with it or compensate for it. A reflexology session may be the key to improving your overall condition.

After a reflexology session, or a few sessions (depending on your goals/issues), your body will be better able to restore your overall balance and inner equilibrium. Reflexology helps by inducing a state of relaxation, relieving pain, and lowering anxiety. It also helps decrease blood pressure and stimulates blood flow thus providing cells and organs with more oxygen and helping your body get rid of toxins. A session with one of our Nationally Board Certified Reflexologists can also help you sleep better.

While reflexology has many positive emotional benefits, it can also help in the following conditions:

  • Help with colds and minor ailments.
  • Relieve pain caused by different conditions, surgery or even chemotherapy.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Help in coping with constipation, chronic headaches, skin allergies, liver dysfunction.
  • Stimulate and improve blood and lymph circulation.
  • Improve the work of internal organs.
  • Reduce pressure on legs, which can be useful for pregnant women or people who spend a whole day standing up.


In addition to the various theories related to reflexology, there is also scientific research that continues today, which tries to establish the many benefits Reflexology has on the body. There are different studies from all over the world that tackle the results and how it helps.

The University of Minnesota has published substantial research on how this holistic practice of Reflexology can help with various conditions. Some of the conclusions are:

  • Reflexology may affect positively certain organs. After a session, there is an increased blood flow to kidneys and intestines, which proven by fMRI readings.
  • Reflexology can improve the symptoms. The treatment affected positively kidney function in patients with kidney dialysis.
  • Reflexology helps you relax. EEG measurements reveal that foot massage can decrease blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
  • Reflexology reduces pain. Some of the most positive effects reported by the participants in different studies were the reduction of pain caused by various conditions such as kidney stones, osteoarthritis, chest pain and other.

While the research in this area needs to continue, there is also scientific proof of reflexology benefits in the brain and how it can help you feel better and may assist your body in healing itself. Some studies also showed that reflexology had positive effects on blood pressure and tingling caused by MS.

Reflexology and foot massage also help reduce anxiety and depression and thus reduce healing time after medical treatment, interventions, and even surgery. The overall aim of reflexology is to offer an improved quality of life.


The addition of reflexology to your health and wellness plan can significantly influence your quality of life and well-being. Pain relief, nerve stimulation, blood flow, migraine relief, and so much more can be achieved with this modality.

The prolonged neglect of our feet only adds to the list of aches, pains, and potential medical issues as we age. Adding frequent reflexology to your health and wellness strategy can result in tremendous, short and long-term benefits.

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